Misting Fans rental service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

Water Mist cooling Fan Rental

Misting Fans Rental service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE


Cooling-Rental continuous investment in rental items stock to maintain its leadership position in UAE cooling rental market. Our mist fans rental service has been tried and tested during its long term existence with Dubai and Abu Dhabi customers, we supply several options of quality outdoor misting fans to the UAE outdoor cooling market.

Misting Fans rental service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

Outdoor Mist Cooling

The cooling effect of misting fan on a hot day is what the outdoor cooling fans will do for your outdoor space. Water droplets are sprayed with powerful air stream using misting disc. The dry hot air is cooled by evaporative cooling. This  is most effective outdoor cooling technic  during our hot summer months.


Mist fans Models 

Mobile Portable :

Portable mobile mist fan rental

Mobile MISTING FAN unit with wheels can easily move around t. comes with built in water tank, the Portable misting fan can control the mist volume during  operation up to 5 hours before the need to refill.


Wall Mounted mist fans

Wall Mounted fogging Fan rental

Wall misting fans specially designed to be mounted on wall or pole with connection to high-pressure water  supply, automatically  refill when water level drops down.

High pressure wall mounted mist fan:

Industrial High pressure wall mounted mist fan rental

High pressure misting Fan Type  designed to deliver fog mist air with velocity and it can cover greater distances. it need high pressure mist generator pump connected to the fogging ring, each fan has individual motors only for air flow control not the mist . also it has oscillation option.


Misting Fans are most suitable outdoor applications:

  • Public outdoor places like  restaurants, swimming  pools, patios, and workshops.
  • Warehouses and Textile factories.
  • Greenhouses and farms.
  • For Dust suppression
  • odors control