Air conditioner


Air Conditioner refers to the artificial means, the building / structure of the ambient air temperature , humidity , cleanliness , speed and other parameters of the process of regulation and control.


Household air conditioning is divided into the following four kinds:

Wall-mounted air- conditioner

Wall-mounted air- conditioner

Wall-mounted air-conditioners are well received by everyone, and technology is also constantly innovating. You should pay attention to compare the function of the brand differences.

Ventilation is the latest use of wall-mounted air-conditioning technology to ensure that the family has fresh air to prevent air conditioning disease, the use of more comfortable and more reasonable.

In addition, the mute and energy-saving design is also important, allowing you to sleep until dawn. Some wall-mounted air-conditioning with ultra-small outdoor unit, if you intend to outdoor unit on the balcony, which is a good choice.

As for the well-being of the wall-type air-conditioning, should pay attention to select the cooling capacity is greater than the amount of air conditioning to ensure that the heating effect. If the electric auxiliary heating function, you can ensure that the ultra-low temperature environment (minimum -10 degrees Celsius) can also heat (outlet temperature 40 degrees Celsius above).


 Floor Standing Air Conditioner FREE STANDING

Floor Standing Air Conditioner

To adjust the temperature of a wide range of space, such as a large living room or commercial establishments, the most appropriate vertical air conditioning cabinet.

Should pay attention whether the choice of anion send function, because it can clean the air, to ensure health. And some vertical air conditioner cabinet with a model locks function, operating conditions by the owner to master, on the business premises or families with children at home will be more useful to avoid unnecessary damage.

In addition, the air supply range is wide enough it is also very important. At present, the most air-conditioned vertical air-conditioning cabinet can be greater than 15 meters, plus wide-angle air supply, can take into account the larger area.

Window Type air conditioner

Window Type air conditioner

Easy to install, cheap, suitable for small rooms. In the choice of the design should pay attention to its quiet, because the window is usually more split air-conditioner noise, so close to the choice of split air-conditioner noise standard window machine better. In addition to the traditional window-type air conditioner, there are new models, such as children’s color panel designed for children with machine, with voice prompts; both lively and practical security is also a good choice.

Ceiling air conditioner

Ceiling air conditioner

It can be divided into single-type air-conditioner and heating air-conditioner. Single-cooled air-conditioner: does not have heating function, suitable for hot summer or winter with adequate heating supply areas.

According to its heating method it can be divided into heat pump and electric auxiliary heating type. The heat pump type is suitable for the hot summer and the cold winter area. The electric auxiliary heating type is suitable for the hot and cold winter areas

More than a variety of air conditioner can also be divided according to temperature: single cold type: only for refrigeration, for warmer or warmer winter heating sufficient area. Heating type: with heating and cooling function, suitable for hot summer and winter cold areas. Electric auxiliary heating type: electric auxiliary heating function is generally used in high-power cabinet air-conditioner, the body to increase the electric auxiliary heating components to ensure strong heating in winter.